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Byki helps you to learn languages such as Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.
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Byki helps you to learn various foreign languages such as Chinese, Spanish, French, and many more. It can be used to learn 74 different languages that are spoken all around the world.
People usually learn foreign languages by learning different words and phrases. As the number of words learned increase, more able you become to use foreign language. Many language teachers or foreign language tools start by teaching grammar; they use different methods to teach you the language you want to learn. With Byki you can learn the language you want very fast, as it is a good way to remember foreign words and phrases in your long-term memory. It makes this process fun and addictive.

In this software, you will find native language speech, so that you can understand every single word. You can even slow it down per your convenience. It enables you to download several thousands of additional words and phrases from ListCentral.

I’m learning French with the help of this software and I make progress. If you have forgotten something, you can refresh it in your memory with the help of Byki. It will let you keep track of your progress, as there are reports and graphs available. You can have a blast of learning dozens of words and phrases every hour, and remember them later. On and along your way you can do a lot of cool stuff even if you are using the free version.

Luis Sanchez
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